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自2004年以来,法阿姆以卓越的质量标准,创新的管理系统(BMS -电池管理系统)为核心,开发定制锂电池解决方案。与汽车,牵引和固定应用。法阿姆锂技术…为那些追求性能和效率而不妥协制定优秀的解决方案!



Faam Research Center
The Group has the competitive advantage to makes use of its own research center with sites distribuited throughout Italy and with partnership agreements all over the world. It has an important pilot plant, located in Turin, for the development of lithium-ion storage technology and post-lithium one. The pilot plant, in addition to availing itself of the collaboration of the most important academic Italian and Europe institutes, is in line with the targets set by the European Community within the "European Battery Alliance" program.

Lithium Technology
Since 2004 FAAM develops customized solutions with quality standards of excellence, made up of lithium batteries complete with our innovative management system (BMS - Battery Management System). With automotive, traction and stationary applications. FAAM Lithium Technology ... the ideal solution for those looking for performance and efficiency without compromise!

Faam Service
Periodic and professional maintenance is of utmost importance for our products as it avoids compromising efficiency. For this reason, FAAM has always been committed to providing fast and costant after-sales service to its partners through a solid network of professionals. The FAAM Service represent a point of reference in the field of assistance on all energy storage systems with lead and lithium technology, for industrial applications (traction and stationary) and automotive one.

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