Thanks to twenty years of experience Labio Test is in a position to offer many solutions for air treatment and for the elimination of smells, chemical contaminants and dusts. 
After accurate surveys of the production facility and problem analyses, Labio Test designs, realizes and tests the equipment to be supplied, also offering after-sale assistance and maintenance.
      1. spray or ultrasound technology (osmogenic barriers)
       Osmogenic barriers use specific products diluted with water. These products contain hydrophobic groups consisting of rather long hydrocarbons chains. Due to their properties, these chains are able to form large molecular aggregates of various types, called micelles. Osmogenic barriers are the only solutions in case of diffused emissions, when it is not possible to consider any piping system. However, they are also quite efficient in the case of conveyed emissions, as it is possible to introduce spraying nozzles directly inside stacks conveying fumes outside.
      They also offer possible solutions to support actions based on chemical-physical methods (scrubbers, adsorption towers or biofilters). In fact, they are efficient when used in environmental plants to ensure the end olfactometric process.
      Labiotest guarantees the efficiencies of its solutions through olfactometric investigations performed as of standard UNI: EN 13725. Tests showed that efficiency goes well beyond 75% in the fields of application that have been examined.
      2. Dry chemical-physical scrubber
      DKFil® is an innovative filtering system, offered as an alternative to traditional biological reactors (bio-filters, bio- scrubbers) designed to abate contaminants present in the air and having high efficiency rates. The air filtering process takes place through a filtering static bed consisting of several layers and reagents performing an actual multiple step dry washing process. The wide range of adsorbing materials and/ or pre-activated and pre-impregnated filtering elements makes it possible to design a large number of custom-made reactors that take into consideration the emissions that have to be treated.
      DKFil® is therefore a global solution in which to apply various removal techniques: salty neutralization, chemical oxidation, polymerization, physical adsorption and mechanical filtering. A proper sizing allows for high abatement performances for at least 12 months, without any maintenance needed.
      DKFil® main field of application is the treatment of wastewaters, as well as that of the air coming from sewerages, lifting pumps and reservoirs.
      However, it is also a highly efficient solution for the treatment of air coming from areas where waste is gathered or composted, and where leachate is collected.
      Finally, it can be used also in some industrial facilities, after an accurate custom-made design.
      3. Wet scrubber
      Abatement systems based on absorption imply removing pollutants by means of a washing solution.
      The solvent most commonly used is water. However, it is possible to select either polar or non-polar organic solvents by taking into consideration the mixing and solving properties of the molecules present in the effluent submitted to treatment.
      As regards odors abatement, it might be necessary to adopt extra measures or additional means, such as:
• a set of towers, each with a different washing solution;
• wet Venturi sections;
• injections of adsorbing solids in collection tanks;
• introduction of additional filtering elements;
• insertion of additional abatement levels.
      The design foresees a high automation level to survey plant operation and manage it properly, considering environmental conditions and characteristics of the airflow treated.

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