Heng Sheng was born in Mexico in 2005 as a company specialized in designing and producing plastic products for different industries 
Our main objective is to contribute with strategies focused on the correct disposal of urban solid waste, as well as the promotion of awareness campaigns, incorporating Biorecicladoras Machines® that allow storing and separating post-consumer waste to reintegrate them into the value chain. 
Seeing the large amount of plastics, cigarete butts, aluminum cans and batteries that are discarded on a daily basis, a unique alternative business model was developed in the world that is based on 4 axes:
        Main products technical Introduction :
        1. BIORECICLADORAS® : Urban furniture (REVERSE VENDING MACHINE)  for the collection of solid urban waste. (plastic bottles / cans / aluminum butts / batteries / glass bottles) through the payment of the same) paying through loyalty programs and carbon footprint measurement)
        2.-TLALLICOIN®  : Ecological cryptocurrency with which one pays for the collected waste and carbon footprint, added to the rewards program for ecological actions)
        3.- Urban solid waste treatment plants: For the reprocessing of the waste, converting them again to raw materials to be able to re-produce the products that have already been produced

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