Veolia Italia is the Italian branch of Veolia Water Technologies, the world leader in water treatment and part of the Veolia Group.

The Solutions Division of Veolia Italia is the technological BU of the Group fully dedicated to the production of evaporation technologies, DAF units and drum screening units. The Company covers  all the aspects from the design, to the manufacturing and the after-sale service, laboratory analysis on clients’samples and feasibility studies inclusive, for a full support to its Clients.

1.EVALED® evaporators are an effective fluid waste management solution for concentrating wastewater volumes, removing pollutant substances and producing high quality, reusable distillate (ZLD). These industrial evaporation systems are highly automated, ready-to-use, 24/7 operation, equipped for remote control monitoring and minimum maintenance. Main benefits are: wastewater volume and disposal cost reduction, distillate recycling, ZLD, by-products recovery. Distillate production: 0.1-200 m3/day. With their 40 years’ experience and more than 3000 installations worldwide, the Evaled evaporators produced by Veolia Italia are a benchmark technology in wastewater treatment for all industrial applications.

 2.IDRAFLOT® IFS DAF units are effective solutions where water clarification and solids separation are required. Their unique modular and compact design optimizes the process, makes transport more flexible and reduces chemical additive dosing, saturated water flow rate and operational costs. Their innovative water mixing device maximizes the efficiency of the process along the whole length of the tank. Treatment capacities from 5 to 480 m3/h.

 3. IDRASCREEN® represents the range of high capacity self-cleaning screen filters for wastewater pre-treatment and solids separation. Flowrates range from 10 to 1900 m3/h.

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