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2023 Italy Pavilion


2021 Italy Pavilion

Systea Spa

SYSTEA S.p.A. develops, manufactures and sells worldwide integrated solutions for analysis and on line monitoring of complex chemical compounds in:surface water,drinking water,waste water,sea water.

2021 Italy Pavilion

Hydro Italia Srl

Supply assistance, chemicals, high-technology systems for the treatment of water according to each specific need any customer may have

2022 Italy Pavilion

Sebigas Renewable Energy Srl

SEBIGAS is an Italian company specialized in design, construction and management of biogas and biomethane plants. We provide anaerobic digestion technologies to valorise waste and by-products from agriculture, agro-industry and municipalities.

2021 Italy PavilionMega system Srl

Mega system (italy) is an italian company specialized in manufacturing of air pollution control systems since 1981.all our instruments are based on the gravimetric method, so the official method, for the sampling of the particulate matter and the chemical polluttants in the workplace, in the environment and in the stack emissions.

2021 Italy Pavilion

Rina Consulting Spa

Rina Consulting Spa is a engineering consulting company and provides a wide range of services covering the entire project life cycle,in the Energy Sector,Industry and Infrastructure.

Air Clean Srl2021 Italy Pavilion

Air Clean is a specialized company in environmental rehabilitation of air, water and waste treatment. With its thirty-years experience, Air Clean operates worldwide in the area of complete air treatment plants installations.

2023 Italy Pavilion


Labiotest offers products and technologies for odour abatement. We are experts in various fields such as liquid and solid waste treatment, food& beverage and farmin

2023 Italy Pavilion


River Cleaning is a company-owned project based on the extensive experiencein the design, prototyping and manufacturing of theroplastic material parts ofthe entrepreneur Mr. Vanni Covolo. The project capitalizes on previousexpertise in innovative mold-making processes.From 2018 the parent company shifted its business focus to the developmentof River Cleaning technologies, aiming at providing prevention and depollutionmeasures against solid waste and oils in rivers and waterways.

2023 Italy Pavilion


We possess a wide-ranging experience in the industrial automation sector as well as in the packaging systems. We are based in the north of Italy, in the so called “packaging valley” of the Bologna district, but we operate globally providing consultancy and mechanical/techno turnkey solutions now also in line with International Environment Standards or other Eco sustainable requierements.

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