Lanxi Jiujia automatic control valve factory


     Our company is a high-technological company which is aim at the ,Researching,Developing.Producing and sales about the actuator, electronic vavles and the automatic controlling system.
     Our early FDD motor-driven ball valve series,which is research and designed in mid-1990s,is advocated earlier in the nationwide.Our recent leading product--XHL motor-driven actuator has many fortes,such as compact mechanism.elegant appearance,intellective controlling,outstanding function,fine quality,easy to use,etc.It can also fit with different kinds of ball valve and butterfly bampers.As far as the recent time,its quality is also being tested by the national quality checking organizations.As far as the recent time,our product is always fit with the industrial situation by a strict hygiene condition and complex space surroundings as well,it can also be used in the civil fields like self-controlling of the storey,calculated heat supply,and intellective household temperature control unit,its medium can take from all sorts of resources,from purified water to the corrosive chemical liquids or gases.Its quality is widely welcomed,believed and trusted by our customers.
      We always pursue the managing principle of "honesty,technology,superb quality and good service",we will work together with you,impress together with you,looking for the outstanding things and make our cooperation a perfect and bright future.

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