Shandong Jinzeneng Membrane Technology Co. , Ltd.


Shandong Jinzeneng Membrane Technology Co., Ltd., with the production of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane materials as the core business, specializes in membrane water treatment, engineering installation, scientific and technological development and services.

The application of internationally advanced production materials and technologies as well as close cooperative relationship with the well-known universities at home and abroad have significantly promoted the membrane module products which are featured in high flux, good precision, high tenacity, strong oxidation resistance, high washability, anti-pollution, corrosion resistance, low wire breakage and long service life.

Well known as the professional membrane module supplier, JZN is also a comprehensive solution provider for membrane equipment and membrane application system which has been widely applied in the reverse osmosis pretreatment and terminal treatment in the electronics, power, coal, printing  & dyeing, oil & gas, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries , the upgrading of drinking water system , treatment and reuse of domestic sewage and industrial wastewater, concentration, clarification and filtration of food and beverages as well as environmental protection and other fields.


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