YiXing Faam Industrial Batteries Co.Ltd


Founded in 1974, the FAAM Company has headquarter in Monterubbiano, a scenic town on the east coast of central Italy. As a battery manufacturer, the FAAM Company has its own plants in Italy and China. Its industrial batteries are widely used in electric forklifts, golf carts, electric vehicles and UPS systems, alarm systems, etc. around the world.

The FAAM Company is the first company in the European battery industry to receive the European Environmental Standard EMAS certification. FAAM batteries have been favored by users in Europe for their "high reliability, high efficiency, high capacity, long life" product quality and "on-call" service quality within 23 hours.

In 2006, FAAM Group invested a total of 7 million euros and established Faam Industrial Battery Co., Ltd. in Yixing, Jiangsu Province. The company uses advanced equipment from Europe. Moreover, the raw materials used will also follow European production standards, and some key components will be imported from Europe. In order to guarantee the quality of its products in China, FAAM has established a strict quality control.

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