Owac Srl


       OWAC is an engineering company composed of a team of skilled professionals with a long-time expertise in the waste-to-energy sector. Having achieved a solid international experience through projects on industrial plants and their construction around the globe, OWAC can be the ideal advisor for those entrepreneurs who intend to diversify or strengthen their business in the field of environmental protection. 
       OWAC can handle complex problems and guarantee that the technologies most appropriate to each specific project are applied. The company can also develop new solutions thanks to its partnerships with many university departments, including the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of Sapienza University in Rome. As a matter of fact,  OWAC represents this University Department in the Asian countries for all the aspects regarding the production and re-use of secondary solid fuels (waste-to-energy). 
       OWAC’s main customers are: industrial businessmen involved in the fields of the collection, recycling, treatment, and disposal of solid and liquid waste; municipal enterprises that want to improve their waste management strategies; businessmen who intend to start producing green energy from renewable sources.
       OWAC is looking for local partners to develop new projects of waste-to-energy plants and promote recycling and environmental remediation projects of polluted sites. OWAC can support (technical, engineering, consultancy) local businessmen and companies to develop their business in the waste management and treatment.

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